We are delighted to invite you to experience the sea, in a different way

“Al HaGal” (NPO) is a non profit business for events on the beach, executive workshops and team-building activities, combined with surfing and adventurous content. Our business supports “HaGal Sheli” organisation, which help at-risk kids.   At “Al HaGal” we close a circle – our teens, graduates of the “HaGal Sheli” organisation become instructors, after professional training certified by the Wingate Institute. This month’s selection of words on our radar are plucked from the usual contexts that have, in the past, often been useful sources for tracking new order more info words and senses politics, technology, and culture

Our vision

  • To provide a meaningful experience for our clientele, emphasizing the added value of employing at-risk youth.

  • To support the “HaGal sheli” organisation – financially and educationally.

  • To empower at-risk youth and prepare them for the employment world – through a unique and structured process, accompanied by the “Al Hagal” staff.

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